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Ford Ignition Coil plays an essential role in induction as it converts current from vehicle battery into high-voltage current. This high-voltage current is needed to spark the plugs in the ignition system. Due to constant developments of automobile components, ignition coil has also seen significant changes. You may come across situations where the ignition coil of your car gets damaged. It is really risky to use your vehicle with faulty ignition coil as a bad coil may cause loss of power, bad consumption of fuel or result in misfire. Ignition coil also requires replacement if it results in a weak spark. Whenever your car needs a replacement  Ford Ignition Coil, it is always best to choose genuine Ford OEM Ignition Coil. Ford OEM Parts are made from high quality material and designed as per the specifications of make and model of the vehicle. If you fit your vehicle with an aftermarket ignition coil, it causes premature failure due to its low quality. Getting Original Ford Parts ensures that the part is compatible with your vehicle, and will help in enhancing performance and life of your vehicle. With genuine OEM Ford Parts, you have a range of high quality Ford Ignition Coils to choose from.