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What would you think about having an air induction system (AIS) for your Power Stroke Diesel whose technology was battle tested in “Operation Iraqi Freedom?” What if you could purchase an air filtration system that would hold more dust and soot (extending the filter life) along with filtering more contaminants (for longer engine life), all with less air restriction (more air to your engine) than any other conventional pleated filter on the market?

If you are the proud owner of the new 6.0-liter Power Stroke diesel engine in a Ford F-Series Super Duty or an Excursion SUV, you already have the advantage of the PowerCore air Filtration technology working under the hood every day. But what about owners who have the original 7.3-liter Power Stroke diesel? Is there a way that this AIS technology can be adapted to some older models? The answer is yes! Ford Motor Company and Motorcraft engineers have designed an AIS Severe Duty kit using PowerCore technology to be compatible to F- 250 Super Duty , F-350 Super Duty, F-450 Super Duty, and  F-550 Super Duty pickup trucks and also the Excursion SUVs built after Jan. 1, 1998.

Why should you be interested in new filtration technology? As we all know, the Power Stroke diesel does not require a lot of maintenance. In fact, we see Power Stroke diesel longevity claims that stretch the imagination. What the Power Stroke diesel does demand is good clean fuel, quality clean oil, and clean air – three ingredients that lead to long engine life.

The new AIS Severe Duty kit with Donaldson PowerCore technology is especially beneficial for those who work in demanding environments. In fact, the Abrams M1A2 tank uses PowerCore air filter technology to make sure its 1,500-horsepower gas turbine engines always get clean air in all environmental conditions, including desert dust storms. Most of us will not put our Power Stroke diesel powered vehicles through the same conditions as a battle tank, but we may endure some of the same dirty, dusty on- and off-road conditions that can eat up regular air filters in no time flat.

When you look at an AIS Severe Duty filter, you may notice its unique appearance, shape and straight-through air flow design. The AIS Severe Duty filtration device looks a lot like boxboard or cardboard. In fact, similar technology is used to corrugate layers of media into narrow channels or “flutes.” Opposite ends of each flute are later sealed, turning the layers of flutes into a high-density filter. The airflow goes in one end of the filter and out the other, passing through the high tech material along the way.

The straight-through design results in lower restriction due to fewer air-flow directional changes. Lower restriction means improved equipment operation and longer filter life. Other aftermarket filter suppliers can claim lower restrictions, many by offering washable filters, but usually at the expense of harmful dirt and soot getting into the engine.

The AIS Severe Duty filtration utilizes Web Nano-fiber technology, which results in contaminant filtration that is over 400 times more efficient than a comparable washable filter. Put another way, a washable filter will allow over 400 times the amount of harmful and abrasive dust and contamination to be drawn into the engine, resulting in increased engine wear.

In comparison to a washable filter, the AIS Severe Duty filter has 17 times the amount of filtration area. This is one of the reasons that the PowerCore filter holds so much more dust. More filter media area increases dust capturing and holding capacity and keeps filters from clogging up.

In addition, the AIS Severe Duty filter holds almost five times the dust of a comparable washable filter. This means that a washable filter will plug up faster and your engine will work harder to pump air, as opposed to the AIS Severe Duty filter.

From the deserts of Iraq to our homeland, this new system is truly freedom from air restriction, meaning more power on the road.

Motorcraft has packaged all this technology into an easy-to-install kit for original Power Stroke diesel owners, which can be installed in less than one hour. Ask for Motorcraft AIS Severe Duty Filter Kit part number FA-1759. This kit includes all the parts necessary to perform your filter upgrade:  

• AIS filter box with Severe Duty filter (replacement #FA-1757)

• Air restriction gauge (installed)

• Temperature sender (installed)

• Air inlet duct

• Battery blanket

• Battery box plate

• Fasteners

• Instructions

7.3L AIS Severe Duty Kit: Ford Part Number - 2U2Z-9K635-AA; Motorcraft Part Number - FA-1759

Replacement Filter: Ford Part Number - 2U2Z-9601-BA; Motorcraft Part Number - FA-1757